"A remarkable text, weaving together Christian and Hindu understandings of the self and of the divine in ways that ... fearlessly take on some of the most challenging issues in theological anthropology."

- Deborah Beth Creamer

“Tastes of the Divine is an elegant work in comparative theology, which expands this area by focusing on the affective elements of traditions, rather than on texts alone. … The book communicates complex ideas clearly and beautifully, making the work accessible to those who may not be specialists in comparative theology, Hinduism, or Christianity. Its discussion of fury and Dalit performance opens ways for discussions that are highly relevant today, about the appropriate forms of protest among various communities. This creates a valuable counterpoint to the focus on Love alone.”

- AAR Commendation cited in Journal of the American Academy of Religion  (2016) 84.2: 548-551.

"Marking her position as one of the foremost comparative theologians among the generation following pioneers such as Francis Clooney, Keith Ward, and Robert Neville, Michelle Voss Roberts has provided us with a significant landmark work."

- Paul Hedges in Reading Religion

The historical interplay of Hinduism as an ancient Indian religion and Christianity as a religion associated (in India, at least) with foreign power and colonialism, continues to animate Hindu–Christian relations today. On the one hand, The Routledge Handbook of Hindu–Christian Relations describes a rich history of amicable, productive, even sometimes syncretic Hindu–Christian encounters. On the other, this handbook equally attends to historical and contemporary moments of tension, conflict, and violence between Hindus and Christians.

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