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Practicing the Image of God

Humanity is created in the divine image, Genesis tells us (Gen. 1:26-27). The early Christian theologian Irenaeus exclaims, “The glory of God is humanity fully alive!” How this might be so is the subject Christian theologians call theological anthropology, or the doctrine of the human person. It is also the work of Christian spirituality—a work that belongs to all who follow Christ.

The simple practices offered here can be used to accompany a book study of Body Parts: A Theological Anthropology. However, because each of us bears the image of God in our bodies, these practices can be undertaken by anyone at any time. You might focus on one practice or experiment with all of them. You could use them in your individual prayers, in a small group, or in a series of worship services. In whatever manner that you engage in these exercises, I invite you to encounter the divine image in yourself and others—fully human, fully embodied, and fully alive.